Open Source Platform

Open-source software otherwise called OSS, is a sort of program wherein source code is delivered under a license where the copyright holder awards clients the rights to utilize, study, change, and appropriate the software to anybody and for any reason.  Open-source software might be created in a shared public way. Open-source software is a noticeable case of open coordinated effort.

Open source is considered to have more adaptable guidelines than free programming, since it permits organizations and developers to force certain utilization limitations and licenses so as to ensure the code’s trustworthiness. In other words, free programming, carefully, should in a real sense stick to the four purposes of opportunity

  • There is an opportunity to execute the code anyway one wishes and for whatever reason one wishes.
  • The code can be conveyed uninhibitedly ,either without cost, or with a charge.
  • The source code can be known and altered completely.
  • Changes to the code can likewise be uninhibitedly circulated with or without cost.

Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System [CMS] is a product stage that allows its clients to users, alter, document, team up, report, distribute, circulate and advise. Its Graphic User Interface (GUI) makes connecting with a site’s information base easy to understand.

Sites use HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to make and plan its pages. They are two of the fundamental center parts to make Web pages. HTML gives the structure of the page, CSS the visual and aural design.

A CMS permits clients with no coding information to alter, change and alter substance to sites utilizing a WYSIWYG interface, an abbreviation for “what you see is the thing that you get.” The information went into CMS programming is put away in a data set, which delivers the website page by means of a layout. The CSS of that page would then be able to control the yield.


What is WordPress? At its core, WordPress is the easiest and most popular way to create your own website or blog. In fact, WordPress accounts for more than 37.6% of all websites on the Internet. Yes-more than four of the websites you visit may be powered by WordPress.

Using our skilled WordPress developers, we can design and develop within a few weeks to deliver the company website. The websites we develop and provide are responsive websites, which means that whether you view them on your phone, tablet or desktop, it will fit in any size browser. If you are looking for the same solution, you can query the form with just one click, please check our product portfolio and fill in the query form, we will contact you as soon as possible .

What service we provide

      • Business websites
      • eCommerce stores
      • Blogs
      • Portfolios
      • Resumes
      • Forums
      • Social networks
      • Membership sites

We have covered the difference among and in a whole lot more detail, but here is the short version:

      •, often called self-hosted WordPress, is free of charge, open-source WordPress software that you can install in your own web host to create a web site that’s  your own.
      • is a for-profit paid service powered by software. It’s easy to use, but you lose a lot of the flexibility of self-hosted WordPress.


Joomla is a free and open source content management system (CMS) developed by Open Source Matters, Inc. for publishing web content. It is based on a model-view-controller web application framework that can be used independently of the CMS.

Joomla has thousands of confirmed 3rd party extensions which could be found on the particular Joomla Extensions Directory:- Right now there are also a large number of large end templates available, most of which are free. Compensated templates are also accessible and which include support. Several templates give a graphical end user interface which allow an individual to change colors, layouts and features. 

What services we provide

      • Custom Joomla design
      • Custom Joomla extensions development
      • Joomla responsive development
      • Joomla template development
      • Joomla data migration
      • Any other specific solution for Joomla?


Drupal is a free plus open-source web content management framework written in PHP and distributed under the particular GNU General Public  License.

Drupal is an extra ordinary web content management tool and a customizable platform to assist you to develop the right tool in order to serve your content management strategy. Business and technological innovation leaders use Drupal to be able to create real-world enterprise alternatives that empower web development. Drupal provides limitless potential with indigenous features and module extension .It’s a system for the next troublesome technology, without trouble in your business.

What services we provide​

      • Solutions API allows others to be able to show custom API’s or even modify/hook into entities and even add actions/targetable actions or perhaps indexes in the standard Non-RESTful Web services way.
      • Supply endpoint capabilities to place your API behind the centralized URL
      • Accept header-based negotiation
      • Provide and extend certain Cores functions
      • Provide multiple response formats


Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a plan of action that lets firms and people purchase and sell things over the web. Our company works in six of the accompanying significant market fragments

E-commerce is the purchasing and selling of products and services, or the communicating of assets or information, over an electronic network, essentially the internet. These business exchanges happen either as consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business, business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C).


Magento is an e-commerce stage based on open source technology which gives online vendors an adaptable shopping cart framework, just as authority over the look, substance and usefulness of their online store. Magento offers incredible showcasing, site improvement, and inventory of the board devices.

There are various reasons why developers are called upon to change a Magento website. It is a very strong robust system even at its most essential. When you start to incorporate with different frameworks, or present a huge number of products, organizations regularly need the help of experienced engineers. For instance, we’ve had clients need extra choices for how they see their dashboard. The usefulness can be switched distinctly to a limited extent; past that, it should be altered by a specialist who truly comprehends Magento, and follows best practices.

Benefits of Using Magento

      • Easy to install 
      • Open source technology that offers flexible, scalable ecommerce solutions
      • Cost sensitive program
      • Allows for various discounts
      • 50 plus payment gateways

Open Cart

Opencart is an open-source e-commerce platform that combines flexibility, simplicity, and multi-functionality. Competitively to others very easy to use, less technical knowledge needed, easy customization, extreme popularity in beginners.

OpenCart is an online asset that has worked to make life simpler for merchants and clients to communicate. Situated in an Open Source condition, this shopping cart arrangement offers you the capacity to have your business be search engine agreeable with a UI that is inviting and welcoming. In case you’re an online retailer, you’ll probably require shopping usefulness on your site, and OpenCart is one choice to support you and your clients complete the shopping errands without any problem.

Benefits of Using Open Cart

      • Plugins
      • Support
      • Script
      • Server Resource
      • Dashboard
      • Cost


WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds e-commerce usefulness to WordPress websites so you can have an online store. With only a couple of clicks, your WordPress site transforms into a completely useful internet business site. WooCommerce gives essential store usefulness directly out of the crate, with a free plugin accessible from the Plugin Repository, or right from your WordPress dashboard.

WooCommerce is intended to make beginning as simple as could be expected under the circumstances, with a basic establishment and Setup Wizard to get your online business store going with your WordPress topic.

Benefits of Woocommerce

      • WooCommerce is free
      • Extremely Flexible
      • Simplifies your work
      • Easily customizable
      • Your Woocommerce store belongs to you 


BigCommerce is an online store manufacturer that powers a huge number of online stores in excess of 150 nations. It permits you to do everything yourself, including to add items, transfer photographs, measure orders, make pages, make rebate coupons, and that’s just the beginning. You can likewise plan your store with it, utilizing simplified boards.

BigCommerce was founded in 2009  by Australians Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper. The organization offers two designs for new or little to moderate size organizations, and two designs for huge or high-volume organizations, each with different highlights going from misrepresentation observing, deserted truck saver, item evaluations, and then some.

Benefits of BigCommerce

      • BigCommerce has Great Support
      • Sell on Numerous Websites
      • Customer Loyalty
      • Easily Manage Returns
      • User Friendly
      • BigCommerce is affordable

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is obviously the best online store executives framework for the individuals who would prefer not to toss a tremendous measure of cash down the drain. Zen Cart is utilized to sell basically everything from your online store. In the event that you pick Zen Cart you will be capable not exclusively to deal with your shop effectively, however will have heaps of incredible highlights that make dealing with your store a breeze.

Benefits of Zen Cart

      • Easy to install
      • Can support tens of thousands of products
      • multiple languages as well as currencies support
      • multiple payment, shipping and tax options
      • in-built marketing tools and customer communication


OsCommerce alludes to ‘Open Source Commerce.’ OsCommerce is an E-commerce and online store management software program. PHP and MySQL are its prerequisites for the ideal web server. Also, it is accessible with no expense under the standards of GNU (General Public License).

OsCommerce is a product that encourages you to deal with all your online business and its related viewpoints, for example, the executives, advertising, and setting up any business. It gives extraordinary highlights that simplify the weight of setting up another online store and is an open-source solution.

Benefits of OsCommerce:

      • Good with PHP 4
      • Item arranged backend.
      • Multilingual help in languages  (English, German and Spanish).
      • Provides Organization/Backend Functionality.
      • Simple to reinforce and restore the database.
      • Multi-cash support.
      • Provides Customer/Frontend Functionality.
      • Customers can see their request history.
      • Shipping Functionality.
      • Weight, cost, goal-based shipping modules.

Model View Controller​


A model is information utilized by a program. This might be an information base, record, or a basic article, for example, a symbol or a character in a computer game.


A view is the methods for showing objects inside an application. Models incorporate showing buttons or text inside a window. It incorporates whatever the client can see.


A controller refreshes the two models and views. It acknowledges input and plays out the comparing update. For instance, a controller can refresh a model by changing the characteristics of a character in a computer game. It might alter the view by showing the refreshed character in the game.

The following are the types of MVC


Codeigniter depends on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) improvement design. MVC is a product approach that isolates application rationale from introduction. Practically speaking, it allows your website pages to contain negligible scripting since the introduction is discrete from the PHP scripting.

Zend 2 Framework

Zend Framework is an open source, object arranged web application framework for PHP 5. Zend Framework is regularly called a component library, since it has numerous inexactly coupled segments that you can utilize pretty much freely. However, Zend Framework likewise gives a serious Model-View-Controller (MVC) usage that can be utilized to build up a fundamental structure for your Zend Framework applications. A full rundown of Zend Framework segments alongside short portrayals might be found in the » segments review. This QuickStart will acquaint you with some of Zend Framework’s most normally utilized segments, including Zend_Controller, Zend_Layout, Zend_Config, Zend_Db, Zend_Db_Table, Zend_Registry, alongside a couple of view partners.

Cake PHP

CakePHP removes the dullness from web development. We furnish you with everything you require to begin coding what you truly need to complete the rationale explicit to your application. Rather than rehashing an already solved problem each time you plunk down to another venture, look at a duplicate of CakePHP and begin with the genuine guts of your application.


Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, made by Taylor Otwell and expected for the improvement of web applications on the model–view-controller\(MVC) engineering design and dependent on Symfony. … The source code of Laravel is facilitated on GitHub and authorized under the terms of MIT License.


Symfony is a PHP web application framework and a lot of reusable PHP parts/libraries. It was distributed as free programming on October 18, 2005 and delivered under the MIT permit.

Slim framework

Slim is an overly lightweight framework, ideal for fast web application development. One of the significant uses is in REST API improvement. Slim backings all HTTP techniques (GET,POST,PUT,DELETE).

Yii framework

The Yii framework is an open-source PHP framework for quickly creating, present day Web applications. It is worked around the Model-View-Controller composite example. Yii gives secure and proficient highlights to make hearty undertakings quickly.

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