How to generate Access code in ZOHO for WaysUp Connect

By following below steps to know how to generate Access Code and What is Access Code.

What is access Code ?

Access code is one type of grant to WaysUp connect application for read and write ZOHO data from Sage.

How to get Access Code ?

Frst you need to generate Client ID and Client Secreate and that you can generate by clicking below link

Now you need to follow below steps to Generate Code:


Step 1:

First you need to go into developer console for generate access code

then select Self Client which is we have generate 


Step 2:

Click on you generate self client to see below screen 



Step 3:

Here you can see Generate code option with some Input so you need to fill input as per below details and click on generate button 


Scope is for what kind of permission we required to make automation working using waysup connect, input below scope


Time Duration:

Select 10 second so you will get more time to set details and authorise in waysup connect

Scope Description:

Write scope description as a “WaysUp Connect connection “


Now click on CREATE to see Next Sub Company Selection